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        About Us
        Home Members of Group Jiangsu Lanling Coating Technical Research Institute Co., Ltd.
        Jiangsu Lanling Coating Technical Research Institute Co., Ltd.
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        Promotion of an enterprise's development by science and technology is the foundation and resource of further development. Lanling Group, combining the industrialpolicy of state and development strategy, has realized the self-development relying on the engineering center to catch up the international advanced technology.

        The engineering center has 65 professionals, of which senior engineer 8, and engineer 30. It consists of 10 labs, such as heavy duty coatings lab, waterborne coatings lab, wind power coatings lab, fireproof coatings lab, coil coatings lab, electrophoresis primer lab, Power Coatings lab and two test centers. The Center, in accordance to the market demands, has been actively involved in the fundamental research and technical innovation and developed a number of hi-tech products to promote the technology progress and sustainable development of the company.
        Proprietary coatings lab Development of heavy-duty coatings Study on architectural latex coatings
        Color steel paint research and development Research and development of wind power coatings
        Engineering Technology Research Center
        Excogitate of the powder coatings Burning and bubbling test of fireproof coatings
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