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        "To invigorate business through science and technology and?to?lay the foundation by?talented people" is?the foundation and way of Jiangsu Lanling Group. The strategy of talents?is?the key point?of the?sustainable development of the enterprise.

        Our standards for?talents: honesty, integrity, loyalty, dedication; bold in?innovation, exploring, competing and?cooperation; rich in expertise?and?knowledge. Our?standards?of?choosing?talents: we attache importance to education?background, but?more?importance to?competence; we attache importance to?diploma,?but?more?importance to?professionality. Through the establishment and improvement of talent incentive mechanism, competition mechanism, selection mechanism and restraint mechanism, the Group has formed a "reservoir" of scientific and technical personnel, marketing personnel, management personnel and skilled manpower. Faced with the opportunities and challenges brought by the knowledge-based economy, the Group will further create and perfect the environment for the growth of qualified personnel, to retain people with undertaking, affection and remuneration. Fully explore the enthusiasm and creativity of existing personnel, timely introduce various types of applicable, cultivable and innovative talents.

        Encourage?innovation, encourage?competition, promote?cooperation, respect labor, respect?knowledge, respect talents, respect creation, enable?elites of all walks of life to make concerted efforts for the?leap in development of?the cause of Lanling and for its greater glory, so as?to achieve self-worth?and to creat?a better future?hand in hand.

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