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        Engineering Technology Center--Jiangsu Lanling Chemical Group Co., Ltd.
        Engineering Technology Center
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        Research Fields
        Taking steel, petroleum, petrochemical, equipment manufacturing, high-rise buildings, stadium construction, municipal engineering, etc. as the key areas of application, through chemical modification or blending modification methods, using advanced experiment and test equipment as the main means, focusing on research and development of steel heavy duty fire retardant coating technology and so on, and taking this as the engineering direction. With more importance attached to environmental protection by the country, environmentally friendly products will be more and more favored by the market. In the future, green products will become the focus of research and development: water-based research of solvent-borne coatings, UV-curing coatings, EB electron beam radiation curing coatings, high solid level coatings, powder coatings, solvent-free coatings and other products will be the focus of research and development in the coming years.
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