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        Steel Structure Products
        Home Steel Structure Products Service and Support

        Design and R & D team:
        The company's design studio was created in 1999, and was granted Grade A design qualification certificate by the Ministry of Construction in 2011, the company has 3 first-grade certified structural engineers, 5 senior engineers, 10 engineering designers, specialized in the design of portal frame, structural frame, multi-layer steel structure and bridge, long-span truss, pipe truss structure and other types of steel structures, the designers are mature in technology and rich in experience. The company has all kinds of professional design software, Zhejiang University space grid structure design software MST, 3d3s steel structure design software developed by Tongji University, PKPM developed by the Institute of Architectural Engineering Software of China Academy of Building Research and other domestic and foreign advanced design software.

        Production and processing scene:



        Lifting the scale of transport

        Construction site scene

        Test and test

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