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        Coatings Products
        Home Coatings Products Industry Coatings Introduction

        Anticorrosive Coatings Application for the Launching Stands of "Shen Zhou" Spacecraft

        Anticorrosive Project for State Great Theatre


        Corrosion protection project in Nanjing Jinling petrochemical Company


        Corrosion protective projects for the 2th and 3rd phase construction in Shanghai Bao Steel


        Coating application for shield in Shenyang heavy industry company


        Corrosion protection for Ethylene Project in Tianjin Petrochemical Company



        Heavy-duty anticorrosion coating application for machinery and equipment in Bosch Rexroth (Changzhou) Co.,Ltd.


        Heavy-duty coatings application for machinery and equioment in Mettler-Toledo (Changzhou) Measurement Technology Co.,Ltd


        Wuhan 800000 Tons/year Ethylene project Anticorrosive Coating Application

        Huilian Phase II Refining Zone Anti-corrosion coating Project

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