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        The Steel structure fireproof project in the Great-Hall of the People


        Fireproof Coatings Application for Steel Structure in Shanghai SECCO Petrochmical Co., Ltd.


        Fireproof coating application for Operation Center in Shenzhen Stock Exchange


        Steel structure fireproof project in Nanjing Library



        Fireproof painting for WuHan new railway station


        70,000 M2 steel structure fireproof project in national concention center


        Fire Protection Project for Steel Structure in Beijing Capital Airport


        30,000 m2 steel network structure fireproof project in Shenyang BMW Bus manufacturer


        Fire Protection Project of Museum of Contemporary Art and Planning Exhibition of Shenzhen

        Anticorrosion & Fire-retardant Coatings Application for Nanjing Youth Olympic Center Project

        Fireproof coating application for theme pavilion of ShangHai world Expo

        People's Daily Integrated Business Building Fireproof coating application project

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